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    If a brainless creature asks an intelligent question?

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    I guess the ironic question ı have ever heard.
    Well, this is an correct and weird question. Meanwhile, meaning of " If a brainless creature asks an intelligent question? " is " Ya beyinsiz bir yaratık akıllıca bir soru sorarsa ? " I think ı wouldn't suprise because you know, some people live nowdays without brain and heart.
    I got that what you really say or what do you wanna say. We should learn and we wanna learn others language but we must not forget only thing about our language. we didn't win easily that language but however we prefer others language to our language. There is two matter differences between knowing other's language and talk that language at the right moment-- and always talk and never think about where and what ı talk.
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    Our language is a mathematical language. It has richness to produce all kinds descriptive concepts of science.
    Our weak point is that we have been too late to improve these scientific terms. We use the terms of science developers who did this before.
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    muzaffer erdem 28 Eylül 2017
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